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Mattias has always been fond of gems and jewelry. Even as a child he liked to just look at the stones in jewelry and jewelry crafts. The first time he really came into contact with gemstones was on a backpack trip through India. It was the end of the trip and Mattias was in Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

When the taxi driver drove him to buy a train ticket to Delhi he ended up in fact in a stone smuggling league.

The stone smugglers were very keen to Mattias would buy stones and then leaving to a contact in Sweden.

The man in the league opened the safe and took out a revolver o Lots of citrines, aquamarines etc.

Mattias continued to refuse to bring the stones despite a rather strange situation.

Eventually realized the man with stones that Mattias was not interested and Mattias got his ticket to New Delhi. It was now about 5 years later and Mattias bought his 4 pcs gemstones.

When he came home, he wondered how one could know that these were genuine or that the description was right.

After some time searching on the net, he found the ISG (international school of gemology).

This is a school that operates studies in gemology on the net and has a teacher who is really talented and has a genuine interest.

During the studies began Mattias to build a laboratory for his self-interest.

Sometime 2006-7 opened GuGz Gemmologiska HB whose ambition was to sell gems in Sweden.

A few years later the company was down because that selling of gemstone in Sweden did not work desirable.

And so opened Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd. Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co. , Ltd. is a wholly owned company in Thailand dealing with House Leasing in Thailand, gemstones and the sale of these , values and identifications , jewellery making through good contacts in Sweden , sales of tailored shirts and homepage manufacturing.

Homepage of Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd. can be found here

Thanks for your interest; Mattias Gustafsson AO ISG registered Gemologist and Appraiser . President Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd.

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