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Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co. , Ltd. is a Thai company that provides identification and certification of jewelry and gemstones.
Our business language is Swedish, English & Español
Want to know more? Contact Us.
We are trained and registered gemologists and appraisers at ISG in the U.S.
Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co. , Ltd. cooperates with Gulex in Gubbängen Stockholm.

One may evaluate with us in Gubbängen after first having an appointment.
We work for a good customer relationship and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Our laboratory is one of Sweden's most technologically advanced state of the art in gemology.
Our laboratory has spectroscope, microscope, dichroscope, polariscopes, UV L, S, M, Spectrometer and advanced photographic equipment.
We work in light heat with 5000K for our Identifications & values.

Our experience in the field is mainly colored gemstones and we deal in place in Thailand (Chantaburi & Mae Sit).
When we are on location in Thailand, we offer interested to come along on the gem - safari.

We are members of the world gem society.
We are registered ISG Gem Dealer, which means we are 100% serious when it comes to talk about treatments on gemstones that we sell.

Thanks for your interest; Mattias Gustafsson AO ISG registered Gemologist and Appraiser. President Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd.

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