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Here we will announce news about gemstones but also what happens to

• Now is the English version online; pleas send us an email if you find anything faulty.
• "On the Fly" did not work satisfactory for us, pleas have patience when we are working on a solution.

• is part of Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co... Ltd...
Homepage of Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd. is
• We have redesigned the website, cleaned and fixed for the better we hope.
• have links to galleries at inclusions, our training, etc.
• We are investigating right now to translate the page "on the fly", which means that detect the language your browser is set to then translate to that language.
• It gets the SEO etc. on
• This should be completed by the end of April

Thanks for your interest; Mattias Gustafsson AO ISG registered Gemologist and Appraiser. President Gemstone Asia (Pattaya) Co., Ltd.

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